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Ag Intern Positions

Apply for a 2022-2023 Regenerative Ag Intern Positions

The following positions are available for local high school and college students interested in Regenerative Agriculture practices that focus on comprehensive soil health and holistic farming management.

  • Ruminant Production Intern
  • Monogastric Production Intern
  • Horticulture Production Intern
  • Wildlife Regeneration


All internships at Kornegay Hereford Farms are a non-paid, temporary position lasting 6-12 months (dependent on program of study). Interns are expected to work between 3 and 6 hours each week. Typical hours are 11am - 3pm depending on seasonal work load. Work schedules are flexible based on school courses and can vary from week to week if need be.

There is a compensatory package consisting of $10/day for travel expense. (We have been known to give interns a couple of steaks as well!)

Before applying please understand that while you are not expected to know all about regenerative farming or livestock management, you will need to display critical thinking skills, time management, and a love for both the land and animals. Regenerative thought processes are developed, nurtured, and built upon through classroom-type scenarios, one-on-one settings, and through daily farm activities. This internship is about more than being a farm hand. An internship at Kornegay Hereford Farms is about understanding the connection between man, animals, and land.


Each week there are unique opportunities for round table discussions about the future of Agriculture and how regenerative practices can dynamically change farming landscapes.


While it is not a guarantee there are sometimes employment opportunities that come about for interns and referrals for future agricultural employment are standards for those who complete the program.

Our Goal

We strive for success and we ask for nothing less. An internship at Kornegay Hereford Farms is a partner relationship. We aim to educate because we believe that investing regenerative skills into agriculturally-minded young adults, our farms and communities are more resilient to the challenges of todays planet.

To apply for an internship position please construct an email attaching (PDF, Word .doc, etc) the following information and send it to karen@khfarms.site:                                           

  1. Name
  2. Full Address
  3. Current School
  4. Year of Study
  5. Area of Study
  6. Expected Year of Graduation
  7. Mobile phone number


Please include a 2-3 paragraph statement outlining:

  • the position you are most interested in (Ruminant Production, Monogastric Production, Horticulture Production, Wildlife Regeneration)
  • your agricultural background
  • your current interests
  • your future agriculture goals
  • what you hope to gain from this internship
  • your ideal career path 

Intern positions for each area mentioned above are also available during summer. If you have an interest in a summer internship only, please include that in your letter. 

Thank you for your interest.