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Pork Box - Family Size (Hot)

Pork Box - Family Size (Hot)

12 lb | pkg
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The Family Pork Box from Kornegay Hereford Farms is an incredible value for 12 pounds of delicious pork product.

At Kornegay Hereford Farms, we like our boneless pork tender and tasty; not too thin but not too thick. The loin of the pig runs from the back legs to the shoulder. It is lean, tender, and easy to cook. The cut of the 6 boneless chops comes solely from this part of the pig. It's the most tender meat you would find on the animal. While some like to roast a whole loin in its entirety, the boneless cut makes it easy to prepare in smaller portions. 

In addition to the chops is 6 pounds of sausage; loose and link. Our all-natural, preservative-free sage sausage is made with 100% fresh pork, no artificial fillers, no preservatives, and it's gluten-free.

Our sausage links are sugar-free, so they are an excellent savory option for those who are looking to limit their sugar intake. They are also free of nitrites, and gluten, which is fantastic news if you have specific dietary restrictions or just want to make more conscious decisions about where you get your food.