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Osso Buco (Ox Tail)

Osso Buco (Ox Tail)

1 lb | pkg
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Beef oxtails are the tails of cattle and have a variety of health benefits. Thanks to the extra fat and gelatin on the meat, this meat can produce amazing stocks and stews. The flavors from the oxtail are unlike any other cut out meat. When included in a stew, this product also has a better texture than most other cuts of beef.  

Just because this isn't a traditional piece of meat doesn't mean you should miss out on its rich flavor. By using this ingredient in dishes like Jamaican oxtail stew or braised oxtails, you can cook it tenderly and it will melt in your mouth. If you love making stews and want to try something new and exciting, these tasty beef oxtails are perfect for you.  

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