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Pork Sausage Bundle - 8lb.

Pork Sausage Bundle - 8lb.

8 lb | pkg
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Do you love the smell of sausage cooking in a skillet on a Saturday morning? Do you like to add a little sausage to your breakfast casserole or your pasta dish? Our Mild Sausage package is perfect then. Our all-natural, preservative-free sage sausage is made with 100% fresh pork, no artificial fillers, no preservatives, and it's gluten-free. In your recipes or sliced into patties, you get that traditional pork sausage with extra sage flavor and without the preservatives to offer a great base for those who enjoy a flavorful breakfast!

This bundle includes 4 packages of sausage patties as well as 4 sausage links.

Our sausage links are sugar-free, so they are an excellent savory option for those who are looking to limit their sugar intake. They are also free of nitrites, and gluten, which is fantastic news if you have specific dietary restrictions or just want to make more conscious decisions about where you get your food.