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Steak Top Round

Steak Top Round

1 lb | pkg
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Beef top round belongs to the first type of meat. This versatile, juicy, and flavorful cut features a low-fat content and rich beef flavor. The meat contains a large amount of the most tender meat and a small amount of fat. Moderately gentle, it will be a wonderful product for every day. Great for baking, stewing, and roasting. 

Top Round can be cooked by slow frying or stewing and can be used for salting or simmering.

The beef top round is considered one of the most valuable cuts in terms of its taste. Located between the sacrum and the pelvic bone. Its taste is best revealed when roast beef is cooked by slow roasting. It is also suitable for slow frying and stewing in a large piece – so it absolutely does not lose its juiciness and retains its rich taste.

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