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4+1=5 | Whole Chickens - Buy 4, Get 1 FREE

4+1=5 | Whole Chickens - Buy 4, Get 1 FREE

4-5 lb avg | pkg
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Cost: $4.80/lb on average

Parting a whole chicken may take some extra effort, but it has its benefits. 

When you purchase a whole chicken, you get a better deal than you would if you bought all of the parts separately. Learning to part a chicken is not only fun, but it will save you some cash in the long run. They're also great if you want to start experimenting in the kitchen. Each cut of chicken has a unique flavor. Using each part allows for more opportunities to be creative and try out new recipes.

Waste not, want not! You can use even the leftover parts to make soup stock or broth.

Poultry is rich in protein and good for the heart. If you want to have healthy options available in your kitchen, give our whole chicken a try. Like our other meats, our poultry is 100% all-natural, locally raised.